John Nosti, D.M.D., F.A.G.D., F.A.C.E.

“Finally! The public has asked, “Where do I turn?” and Dr. Colleen Olitsky has answered. Anyone contemplating a smile enhancement procedure must read this book first. Colleen touches on every pertinent topic in cosmetic dentistry and breaks it down in simple terms. From whitening to ‘how to choose your cosmetic dentist,’ Colleen covers it all.”

Dr. Rhys Spoor

"Anyone considering a smile enhancement procedure absolutely has to read this book first. This book gives you the vital information you need to know before going forward with any kind of cosmetic dental treatment. It gives you a step-by-step framework on how to choose the right cosmetic dentist and how to help you help them to give you the best and long lasting result you want and deserve. Not all dentists are equal and this book will help you find the right one for you."

Whitney Thompson - America's Next Top Model Winner

“Wow! What a difference a beautiful, natural looking smile makes. I had some cosmetic work done to my teeth that looked bulky and fake. Then I met Drs Colleen and Jason and they gave me 10 veneers and my confidence soared. I even won Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model! My smile gave me the confidence to be on top! I encourage anyone considering cosmetic dentistry to invest $15 in this book to avoid wasting money and having to redo bad work.”

Dr. Chris Ramsey - Past FACD President

Anyone considering a smile enhancement procedure absolutely has to read this book first!!

Dr. Jim Arnold

Dr. Olitsky addresses an all-too common problem in dentistry today. Too many “so-called” cosmetic dentists advertise themselves as experts in smile design, but lack the necessary training to make such a claim. She exposes the truth and equips the reader with the questions they need to ask prospective dentists. You’ll want to read this book before consulting with a dentist about smile enhancing procedures.

Tara Block - Runway Model and TV Personality

Before I discovered the Smile Stylists, I had begun my career as a model with some success. I felt like I wanted to improve my smile, but I was surprised at how many people thought I already had a pretty smile, and encouraged me not to change it. I realized that I wanted to do this for me, and that even though I felt that I did have a pretty smile, I wanted to be even more confident in the way that my appearance was affected by my teeth.

Being a professional model, this was a HUGE deal, and I wanted to do everything possible to find the right cosmetic dentist. I researched and looked extensively, however, after meeting the Olitsky's, my search was over. All it took was one meeting. They were warm, charming, professional, reassuring, and I was greatly influenced by the work that they had performed for others. Upon meeting the Olitsky's, my decision was made!

We started the process that day with impressions and photos. Next, I got my "temporaries", and I could not believe how much they improved my smile. If these were temporaries, what would the permanent result be? I even did a photo shoot in my temporaries and was delighted with the outcome!

Two weeks later, we finished the process, and the result was better than I ever hoped for. I do not think that it was a coincidence that my modeling career took off immediately. I began appearing on runways, in print ads, and on television......not to mention the compliments from my friends, family, and even complete strangers.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to give my most enthusiastic endorsement of the Smile Stylist. The only regret that I have is that I didn't do it sooner!

Bethany - Patient

So, I decided to call my general family dentist. He was able to give me a price that worked with my budget. Each time we met, I would explain to him what I liked and disliked in my smile and the changes I wanted to make. After seven visits in six months and five veneer molds later, I still was not happy with the way my smile and my teeth were going to look. My dentist became very frustrated with me and I became very frustrated with my dentist. I needed to call Drs. Jason and Colleen! I am so thankful that I didn’t let my general dentist do my veneers. Especially after seeing the work up mold of my mouth that had my natural teeth grinded down to nubs to fit the veneers he was going to give me. I am grateful to Drs. Jason and Colleen for what they do and the expertise they have developed in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Jenn Robertson, C.O.O. Gold Dust Dental Lab

Anyone who knows or has even met Dr. Colleen Olitsky, instantly recognizes her passion for excellence and her sincere desire to protect patients. She brings her mission to improve the state of dentistry and the general public's knowledge, into an easy to read and powerful book that is just like having a conversation with her. She tells it like it is and make no apologies for it. It is a must read for any patient considering cosmetics or dentistry in general.

Christy Comer - Patient

My previous experience with so-called “cosmetic dentistry" consisted of a general dentist simply telling me he could fix my tetracycline stained teeth with veneers. What I thought were bad teeth to begin with ended up being a one-size-fits-all porcelain disaster. Years later, when I had given up on ever having a nice, white smile, I was blessed to meet The Olitskys. Doing the necessary research to find all the qualities needed to trust a dentist with my best feature…my smile…was certainly worth the time. I always wanted to be “the girl with the pretty, white smile” and now I am!

Bill Blatchford - Dental Consultant

I have been coaching dentists for over 20 years and have coached over 2600 offices. I have witnessed first hand the differences between offices who really strive to be the best and those that do what they can just to get by. What Colleen and Jason have accomplished in 5 short years since opening their start up practice have been astounding. The passion and commitment they have for their careers and patients is just awesome. I would recommend this book for any patient even thinking about improving their smile. Investing just $15 will be the smartest decision they could make. Also, those dentist who share the Olitsky's love of cosmetics should get this book in the hands of their patients to verify they are in the right place.